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  • 1619 Cap/Lest We Forget


    6 panel curved bill velcro closure. Bulk orders are welcomed.

    History told!

    It was on August 25, 1619 that a ship landed at Point Comfort, present day Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia, with the first enslaved Africans brought to English North America. Their landing would be the gateway to 246 years of bondage, 100 years of Jim Crow, segregation, denial of Civil Rights, unfair housing, redlining, lack of equal education, unfair employment practices, police profiling and unfair incarceration polices. The list goes on and on. From 1619 our ancestors and for the past 401 years black and brown people have suffered the indignity of racial injustice because of the color of their skin. We have gone from whippings, torture, mutilations, castration, hanging, beatings, water hosed, and bitten by dogs – ALL LEGAL.  Now in addition to racial profiling we have a knee on our necks. When will it all ends? The murder of George Floyd had been a wake-up call to America and the world that Black Lives Matter. Silence is complicity. We encourage you to step up, speak up, stand up and kneel for social and racial justice in America.  I encourage you to visit project1619.org and read more. Since 1994 we have been telling the story of our ancestors and their fight for freedom and social justice. 

    Our ignorance is our worst enemy. "He who writes the history tells the story." What's your's?